How to properly taste wine

Do you dread when you buy a bottle of wine at a restaurant and they pour a bit and give it to you to taste?  What do they want from you?  It tastes like wine, right?  Well sometimes not.  A wine can be off or bad.  An off or bad wine can taste like wet cardboard, moldy mushrooms or vinegar.  

I used to avoid buying a bottle before I took my formal WSET training, because I hated tasting wine in a restaurant like that.  Even now when I know how to properly taste wine, I second guess my abilities to determine if it is off.  But practice makes perfect right.

Knowing how to properly taste wine, doesn’t just help you determine if a wine is off, but it also helps you learn more about the wine you are drinking and what you like or don’t like about it.  The whole point of tasting/drinking wine is to like it, right?

So we are going to explore the 3 steps to properly taste wine, why we do it, what we are looking for and what we get out of it.  Other than drinking the wine of course.


Step 1:  Look at your wine

Step 2: Smell your wine

Step 3: Taste your wine

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